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It’s a money related travel news this week, with London’s hotel fry ups and travel sized toiletries feeling the wrath of internet keyboard warriors. Plus, the Chinese try out some new beachwear.

If you happen to find yourself in a London hotel and hungry, then be prepared to pay through the nose to get a cholesterol heavy fry up according to research conducted by the mobile phone booking company Blink Booking. On average the cost for a plate full of delicious saturated fat comes in at a whopping £27, and can cost up to £39 at the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel!

But it is not just breakfast that can cost an arm and a leg as travel sized toiletries – favoured by travellers and holidaymakers – can cost holidaymakers up to 750 per cent more per millilitre than normal-sized toiletries at British airports, research conducted by travelsupermarket.com shows. Best do your shopping before you get to the airport then!

The Chinese are set to take over the world economically soon according to economists. But one thing they will not be taking over anytime soon is the beachwear fashion industry, with so called ‘facekinis’ appearing on beaches along the Qingdao coastline. Good protection from the sun? Yes. Fashionable? Not so – but does it matter when your skin is being protected?

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