Top 10 Greek Foods


Apologies in advance if this blog makes you hungry. Greek food is a firm favourite here at Beat the Brochure HQ and a heated debate would be required who the ultimate expert is, so for the time-being we have called a truce and combined our knowledge to bring you a guide of the Top 10 Greek foods.

1. Lamb – on a stick and grilled. An amazing protein pick-me-up. In fact, lamb in general is a top choice to order. Cooked to perfection, why mess with something already so tasty.

2. Tzatziki – to dip your bread and/or lamb into. A yogurt and cucumber dip, low in calories and mega-tasty.

3. Loukoumades – In simple terms, Greek donuts. In BTB terms, honey and cinnamon balls of goodness.

4. Greek Salad – Known the world over, but a refreshing and healthy dish for those balmy Greek lunchtimes.

5. Halvas – Served all over the Middle East, Halvas will cure your sweet tooth cravings. A semonlina, almond, cinnamon based desert, it tastes a lot better than it sounds.

6. Gyros – Yum! At the end of the day it is a kebab, but a healthy alternative to the greasy, cheese-ridden version we Brits tend to indulge in on our way home from a evening drink or two. Pitta bread, grilled meat, fresh salad, sauce – it’s your lunchtimes in Greece sorted.

7. Koulouri – Auntie Anne calls them pretzels, the Greek’s call them Koulouri. Bread covered in sesame seeds. Grab one with a coffee for the perfect breakfast.

8. Tarramasalata – Essentially a sauce made of Fish Roe so for those a little squeemish about food, especially fish, it may not be for you.

9. Octopus – It may look abit grim at times, but Octopus is served up in a variety of ways in Greece. Whether you are a seafood fan or not, give it a try first before you write it off completely.

10. Halloumi – Grilled in a pitta on the street, served alongside a Greek salad in a restaurant or with a side of fries overlooking the beach. If you haven’t yet tried the Cypriot Cheese, trust us, it will change your life (for the better!).

So for anybody heading off on Greek holidays this Summer, please send us some pictures of your Top 10 Greek foods!


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About Cheska Bennett

Cheska is a resident blogger at Beat the Brochure who has spent many a good year backpacking round the world, as well as a stint living in Beijing. Cheska has visited 6 out of 7 continents and will, repeat will, visit the last one before turning 30. Cheska is an avid CSI fan, streetfood expert and cat lover who can often be found with chocolate on her desk.

3 Responses to Top 10 Greek Foods

About Kurt says:

MMM. Gyros. Delicious. Can’t wait to try authentic Greek Gyros although the ones that we have here in New York City are pretty good.


About Simon P says:

I love Greece. Santorini is my famourite place on earth. The food is so good: souvlaki, tzatziki, gyros!

And gyros are so cheap, too. When I was backpacking through Greece they were about all I could afford so I’d have about three a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner!


About Wftristan says:

I love Greek food – never tried Loukoumades but I think I am going to have to.


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