Is your Holiday Romance Doomed? – Infographic


That tanned and toned body, those fruity cocktails and the warm temperatures often result in one thing on holiday – a holiday romance. Whether one night or one week, if you ask those around you, you would be surprised how many will admit to a rendez-vous abroad. However, although at the time it’s love, statistics show it might not be, and what do you do when you meet the Mr/Miss right now when your Facebook profile suggests something different? We have created this infographic for you to decided for yourself, is your holiday romance doomed?

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<a href=”” ><img src=”” alt=”Is your holiday romance doomed?” /></a><br />This infographic was commissioned by <a href=”” >Beat the Brochure</a>.


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Cheska is a resident blogger at Beat the Brochure who has spent many a good year backpacking round the world, as well as a stint living in Beijing. Cheska has visited 6 out of 7 continents and will, repeat will, visit the last one before turning 30. Cheska is an avid CSI fan, streetfood expert and cat lover who can often be found with chocolate on her desk.

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