Different types of All Inclusive holidays?

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With so many all inclusive holidays out there to choose from and so many different options of board basis it can get confusing. Surely they are all the same? Sadly not, but here is a simple, general guide to the different types of all inclusive holidays.

Full Board – You will get breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the price.

Full Board Plus – This fluctuates depending on which hotel you are staying in but will include breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few extras. This could be drinks with meals, afternoon snacks or something else.

All Inclusive – You will get breakfast, lunch and dinner with drinks. Alcoholic drinks will be unbranded and depending on the hotel you may have a choice of restaurant or it may be International buffet style. Many resorts also offer snacks and drinks mid-afternoon too.

24 hour All Inclusive – Food and drink is available 24 hours a day.

Ultra All Inclusive – All Inclusive but better! Breakfast, lunch and dinner, sometimes at a choice of restaurants within the resort as well as drinks, including branded spirits.

Adults Only All Inclusive – Fairly self-explanatory but the age someone is deemed an adult at some resorts is as young as 13 years.

Gourmet All Inclusive – Be wary with this term. Some, and very few, consider gourmet all inclusive to include just about everything, from food, drinks, watersports and entertainment. Most other resorts use the word as merely a different term to ultra all inclusive.

If you have any more questions about all inclusive holidays or fancy having a nose at any deals at the moment give us a call or check out our Top 10 deals!


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