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Cheese brings people together. Throw in some wine and you have an incredible evening ahead of you. Whether it’s cubes of cheddar and a box of goon in a hostel, a selection from the local supermarket with french bread on the balcony during your cheap holidays or a budget blowing bottle with an array of strong tasting cheese, cheese is a big part of everybody’s lives wherever you may be around the world. In short, you doesn’t love cheese! Every country has it’s own specialty and here they are; cheese from around the world!

USA – Monterey Jack
Served: Melted over a juicy beef burger.

Cyprus – Halloumi
Served: With chips, salad and a beer.

France – Brie
Served: With fresh bread and a glass of wine.

UK – Dorset Blue Vinney
Served: With cauliflower as an amazing cauliflower cheese.

India – Paneer
Served: In any curry.

Turkey – Airas
Served: Grilled with salad in a pitta bread.

Greece – Feta
Served: in a fresh salad.

Egypt – Gibna Domiati
Served: Stuffed in to pastry.

Switzerland – Emmental
Served: With a slice of ham and between two pieces of sliced white bread.

Germany – Beer Cheese
Served: well, with beer.

Italy – Mozzarella
Served: Either with slices of tomato and olive oil, or melted on a pizza (too tough to choose just one).

Feel free, in fact we heavily encourage you, to post photos or tell us about your favourite cheese from around the world. Any tips on new cheese dishes are also very much welcomed!


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