Cheap and Cheerful Foodie Frolics in the Lake District

Lake District scenic view

The Lake District might not be at the top of your list of foodie destinations in the UK. It has a bit of a reputation for being old-fashioned and expensive, being as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. While the area still maintains much of its old-timey charm, with quaint stone built cottages and antique boats cruising the waters, the Lake District has come a long way in the food stakes (pardon the pun).

It is possible to take a cheap and cheerful holiday in the Lake District, indulging in delicious food and relaxing in top-class accommodation, especially if you travel out of season. Finding a deal on your accommodation isn’t hard; just visit Sykes Cottages to find a great selection of cottages offering last minute and off-season deals. Job done! Now it’s on to the important stuff – food!

Finding good inexpensive food can be a challenge while on holiday, and nowhere more so than in busy tourist centres. Not only is the food mediocre, but you’ll pay through the nose – and who wants that? The good news is that the Lake District is filled with great inexpensive food, you just need to know where to look. Try these tried and tested spots on your next foray into the Lakes, I promise you won’t regret it.

Baba Ganoush, Kendal

If you’re looking for a great lunch after exploring Kendal than head to Baba Ganoush Food Shop and Canteen, famous for its freshly made cakes, soups, sandwiches and salads. This little cafe has developed quite a reputation over its 4 year existence, actually taking over a vacant premise across the yard in order to meet demand. One of the co-owners is a vegetarian so you can rest assured that there will be something for everyone here. Personal favourite – vegetarian mezze plate.

Brambles Tea Room, Windermere

You can visit the Lake District without visiting a tea room. They may be old fashioned, but there’s a reason that many have stood the test of time. Brambles Tea Room is one of the good ones, making all their food on the premises with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The combination of friendly service and top-notch cakes is a tough one to beat! This is simple food, served at reasonable prices. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Sarah Nelson’s Gingerbread, Grasmere

If you’re just looking for a little pick me up after a long hike around the lake, a stop at this famous gingerbread shop is just the ticket. You might have to wait in line but it will be worth it once you step inside and are enveloped by the intoxicating scent of Sarah Nelson’s old fashioned gingerbread. These biscuits have been made and sold in this location since the 1890’s, making your snack stop a historic experience as well. Grab yourself a cup of tea, unwrap your biscuits and enjoy them on the banks of the lake – this is the ultimate in holiday bliss.

This is a small selection of the great new eateries that are popping up in the Lake District, but there certainly are many more. Drop your preconceptions about the Lake District and head up for a weekend foodie tour, taking in the micro-breweries, farm shops, and restaurants that are part of the area’s culinary renaissance. Set yourself up in a Sykes Lake District holiday cottage and see what delicious delights you can find!


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