Airport Lounges – not just for first-class flyers.


Airport lounges were once the exclusive world behind the frosted windows, the narnia of the airport, where only those who were not dressed in comfy trousers and a hoodie went to relax before they boarded their flight. However, times have changed perhaps because of the low-cost revolution but whatever it was, airport lounges are now widely available for all to use and getting better day by day.

Essentially what you do is book a space in the airport lounge before you go on holiday and in return you get access to the lounge 3 hours prior to your flight leaving and access to space, peace, quiet, TV, Wifi, newspapers/magazines, tea and coffee, beers and wines, a selection of food and sometimes even shower facilities. You can avoid the manic airport scene and essentially start your holiday at the airport. One major plus is that more often than not any person under the age of 12 years can’t go in which allows passengers the chance for some actual quiet time.

Servisair lounges can be found in airports all over the UK and offer the basics of airport lounges. Manchester Airport’s Escape Lounge in terminal 1 has a fireplace you can cosy up to with a glass wine and perhaps indulge in the personal shopping service. Leeds Bradford Airport has a premier lounge with a family area complete with plasma screens and the latest games consoles. Even Virgin have got in on the act and there Gatwick lounge even offers a fasttrack security channel (subject to availability).

So is it worth the money?

Book in advance and yes it could be. If you think about what you spend on magazines, food and a couple of drinks, £20 (you can often get airport lounges for less) for the use of a lounge with drinks, food, facilities and a less crazy atmosphere isn’t too bad. For business travellers, if your company has slashed it’s business travel budget you can still access all facilities required for your job. For leisure travellers, seeing as most of us would be boarding a no frills airline to our destination, airport lounges are a great way to celebrate your holiday or add a bit of romance and luxury into your trip. For a family on the trip of a lifetime it’s that something extra for the kids to keep them occupied and remember forever.

Have you used an airport lounge? Let us know what your experience was.


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About Mary says:

Manchester’s Escape Lounge in Terminal 1 is lovely, well worth the money. However the one in Terminal 2 is nowhere near as nice. I won’t be using that one again :-(

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